Chemical Industry

Connected with the chemical industry - safe, quick and reliable

Commercial production and transport methods require quick and safe connection and disconnection of lines. These are often lines which also need to be able to withstand critical and aggressive media in order to meet all safety and environmental conditions.

Chemical Industry Walther Präzision quick release couplings provide for safe and environment-friendly connecting by a

  • great selection of suitable materials
  • suitable sealing materials (Buna N, Viton, EPDM, Kalrez, Chemraz, PTFE...)
  • clean-break valves to connect and disconnect, and squirt free results
  • non-interchangeable keys and keys' groups
  • integrated, coded proximity sensors
  • manually operated and automatic locking mechanisms

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Couplings for steam lines

Coupling for steam lines According to DIN 2825 couplings used on elastomeric steam hose lines should be equipped with both sides self sealing valves to avoid loss of hot medium. Further it is not allowed to let condensation due to cooling of the closed hose line lead to vacuum conditions. The Walther quick release couplings, types TE-016 and TE-010 completely fulfil these requirements by offering the following features:

  • both sides automatic self sealing on disconnection
  • vacuum compensating check valves to avoid hose destruction due to popcorn effect
  • no squirt effect during connection and disconnection as typical for standard couplings
  • easy handling by ring grips with minimized heat transfer

Due to design and material selection the steam couplings of the TE-Series are suited for temperatures up to 250°C (480° F).

Loading couplings - with emergency separation

TÜV Approved safety by test and certification of the TÜV as component in the categories: "Fittings for transportation tanks of hazardous fluids" as well as for "Quick disconnecting points".

Currently the loading of media between stationary tanks and movable containers such as tank vehicles, railway carriages or ships is an actual topic of safety. Due to faulty operating sequence the mobile container can unintentionally move away from the stationary tank. Connection lines can rupture and cause considerable danger to people and environment.

To prevent such accidents it is advisable to install defined points of separation into hose and/or movable pipeline.

The purpose of such points of separation is

  • to disconnect the line at planned points when a calculated pulling force is exceeded
  • to avoid squirt effects and residual leakages of significance and
  • to prevent further spillage of medium from the disconnected lines by proper check.

Walther quick disconnect couplings fulfil all these requirements and still offer the user the advantage that both coupling halves can be connected with minimal effort by hand after an emergency separation. No damaged components (e.g. shearing bolts or similar) are to be exchanged in this case as it is necessary for many other emergency separation systems.

Walther quick disconnect couplings have been supplied in nominal bore 50 mm (e.g. for transport line) and nominal bore 32 mm (e.g. for gas displacement line) with TÜV certificate as emergency separation system for a nominal pressure PN 25. According to the TÜV certificate Walther quick disconnect couplings are suitable for filling and unloading transport tanks with liquid gas and for connection to tank vehicles for dangerous goods.

Walther Präzision offers two different solutions for the quick disconnection:


Disconnection via a separate wire strop

NottrennsystemAxial pulling forces on the hose during the refuelling process are led onto the locking sleeve of the quick disconnect coupling by means of a wire strop. This is facilitated in such a way that the wire strop is shorter than the hose line in every working order. In case of a tension load the wire strop is tensed and pulls back the locking sleeve of the quick disconnect coupling. Thus the two coupling halves become unlocked and disconnected and the valves on both sides close automatically.

The necessary break away force increases with the working pressure and is approx. 200 N for a nominal bore 50 mm coupling when depressurized and approx. 3,355 N for a working pressure of 25 bar.

Disconnection via the tensioned hose

Nottrennsystem The principle of the quick disconnection is the same as before, only the pulling forces are directly led onto the locking sleeve via a hose. Prerequisite is that high-quality and breakproof hoses are used whose resistance to breaking are far over the break away force of the quick disconnect coupling. The necessary break away force increases with the working pressure and is approx. 1,200 N for a nominal bore 50 mm coupling when depressurized (nominal bore 32 mm approx. 1,705 N) and approx. 4,170 N for a working pressure of 25 bar (nominal bore 32 mm approx. 1,705 N).

The residual leakage when breaking away under pressure is for Walther quick disconnect couplings of a nominal bore 32 mm approx. 25 ml and for a nominal bore 50 mm approx. 150 ml. This value can be reduced to almost zero if clean break valves are used.

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Loading coupling - power assisted to couple at residual pressures

Walther Präzision has developed a further loading coupling without break-away function in nominal bore 80 for applications in the chemical industry, petrochemistry and oil refineries.

Kupplung Features:

  • clean break valves
  • low compression volume
  • can be easily connected and disconnected with two levers
  • can be secured against disconnection by inserting the levers
  • easy cleaning (can be wiped clean, smooth separation surfaces)
  • angular tolerance of 1.5° for special couple movements
  • good corrosion resistance by using stainless steel

Further nominal bores up to n.b. 200 either with standard valves or as thru type couplings are also partly available with break-away function.


Please see the information page about our new coupling series BF under Whats New, which was primarily developed for applications in the chemical industry!

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